Headphones that do not cover your ears or go into your ear canals.Our OpenRock pro earphones can be worn stably on the ears for a long time thanks to the ergonomic design and soft ear tubes.

There will be no ear infection or allergic reaction.

1. Deliver higher-quality natural sound with enhanced bass by TubeBass Enhancement Technology

2. The upgraded directional air conduction technology can greatly reduce sound spillage compared to bone conduction

3. Reduce skull bone fatigue or pain

OpenRock Pro

They offer up to 19 hours of playback and call time on a single charge, and the charging case adds another 27 hours, giving a total playtime of up to 46 hours.

Their battery life is three times longer than comparable open-ear headphones.

OpenRock provides a charging case and earphones. You can use our earphones throughout the day without worrying about battery issues.

Yes, OpenRock Pro work with glasses. We've tested them with glasses wearers and cyclists (with goggles), and found no issues. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please try to adjust the earhook/reduce the wearing time for the best experience.