Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds


Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds(Black)

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Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds(Silver)

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The OpenRock Pro are air-conducting earbuds which means they work by sending sound waves through the air and into the ear. It's a great sounding alternative for traditional earbuds.

Check out OpenRock Pro. These true wireless sports open earbuds offer a secure, comfortable fit and deliver superior sound. Enjoy better workout music with TubeBass tech.

Like the bone conduction headphones higher up this list, the OpenRock Pro have been designed with awareness of surroundings in mind.

The sweat-resistant OpenRock Pro are great for exercise, giving you high-quality audio with TubeBass technology that enhances bass.

This is an opportunity for OpenRock Pro to make its more affordable alternative that’s easier to buy further afield, a standout option that can promise enjoyable sound, big battery life.

The OpenRock Pro earbuds mostly succeed at providing the open-ear benefits of the bone-conducting listening experience without sacrificing audio fidelity.

Why OpenRock Pro is better?


Fitted for long-term wear


Keep your ear clean


Be aware of your surroundings


faster and stable data transmission

OpenRock has developed a great-sounding pair of headphones that surpass the sound quality of many of the earbuds and open-ear headphones I currently own.
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: Davy Krieger
They are so comfortable that I legit forgot that I was wearing them every single time. Once I went to bed and didn't realize I still had them in until my head hit the pillow, I truly forgot I had them in.
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: Ray
These open ears sound phenomenal, while letting you hear your surroundings. I mainly like it for not having to take off my headphones every time someone talks to me
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: Daniel Freeman
I like to use mine while running as well as around the house so I can hear the kiddos while i list, or take a call. The connection is easy and stable and the mics sound great.
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: Dave W.
Once use to it they sound perty good.All great and greater still for joggers, gymnasts and bikers who will want that comfort, but need also to be wary of external sounds around them
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: LA
These headphones are the sound quality. It sounds like movie theatre quality. The headphones hold a really good charge. I like that I can still hear my children and keep my headphones on.
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: Shane
These sound fantastic. They are open ear and the sound is amazing. I find these to be extremely comfortable and easy to use. Battery life is excellent and they also charge in the case. Love these headphones!
Model: OpenRock Pro
Reviewer: Derek B
Love then. Especially when I ride my road bike. I can hear traffic but also my music or book. Definitely feel safer!


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