OpenRock X 開耳式氣導運動耳塞

體驗劇院般的聲音和舒適的佩戴體驗,BassDirect™ 提供強勁的低音,LISO 2.0 提供清晰度。享受 48 小時的播放時間、4 麥克風降噪、IPX5 防護等級和 50° x 45° 可調貼合度 - 非常適合鍛鍊和清晰通話。
顏色: 黑色的

Your on-the-go theater, ultra comfort & secure fit


Immerse into a theater-like musical journey


Openrock X mimics a theater's spaciousness, offering a stereophonic image for music and films that results in an exceptionally enveloping sound experience.

Craft your fit, keep alertness lit.


Experience the snug fit with the dual-center joint - 50° adjustability for secure, comfy wear during any workout.

Tailor your fit 
50° Adjustable Biaxial

The Open-ear design offers a non-squeezing fit with optimal ear health and breathability, situational alertness, and noise reduction.

Stay Environmental Aware 
Air-conduction Open-Ear Design

AI 4-mic Noise-Canceling tech
sharpens every word for crystal-clear call quality.

Beamforming tech arranges 4 premium mics to power AI call noise cancellation, wiping out background sounds for clear voice pickup, even in strong winds.

Bluetooth 5.3 MultiPoint Pairing in a flash

OpenRock X supports the simultaneous connection of 2 devices. Simply pause one, and play on the other, and OpenRock X swaps seamlessly, even prioritizing calls automatically.


Flash Charging & Extended Battery Life

All-day music without the concern of pauses or power outages, keeping your soundtrack going strong from sunrise to sunset.

About App

The App allows for personalization of features, including EQ adjustments, equalizer settings, prompt tones, earphone search, and firmware upgrades, which elevates the user experience.


3 sound modes w / customizable options

(Default to Rock Mode, with options to personalize or alternate modes through APP)


Enhance your workout with deep bass and rhythmic audio in Rock mode, perfect for energizing high-paced activities like running, cycling, and HIIT with your favorite rock and DJ beats.

Rock Mode


Find your zen with Relax Mode's even sound distribution, perfect for peaceful yoga and meditation sessions, alongside the soft cadences of classical and ambient music.

Relax Mode


Amplify your audio with Boom Mode's improved SPL, overcoming background noise for an energetic, immersive musical journey in loud settings.

Boom Mode