OpenRock S 開耳式氣導運動耳機

OpenRock TubeBass™ | 16.2 毫米動態驅動器 | 2 音效 |動態音訊演算法|可調式矽膠耳鉤 |藍牙5.3 | IPX5

促銷價$79.99 原價$99.99
顏色: 黑色的

Elevate workout moments with ultra bass, supreme comfort, and a customizable fit


Unleash the rhythm of
your daily sports


OpenRock S, featuring TubeBass™ tech, focuses and amplifies bass directly to your ears, minimizing sound leakage for a private, yet powerful musical experience.

Open-ear Comfort, Adjustable Fit.

Our patented ear hook design ergonomically disperses the weight of the earbuds and adapts to various ear shapes to improve fit and increase comfort for extended wear.

AI 4-mic Noise-Canceling tech 
sharpens every word for crystal-clear call quality.

Beamforming tech arranges 4 premium mics to power AI call noise cancellation, wiping out background sounds for clear voice pickup, even in strong winds.


Intelligent Touch Control

Effortlessly manage your tunes and calls with a simple tap.

Bluetooth 5.3 Instant Connection

Built for enhanced audio quality, a stable connection with quick transfer speeds, a 10m extended range, and minimal interference.


2 Customized Sound Effects

(Default to Rock Mode, switch to Relax mode and back with easy tab)


Enhance your workout with deep bass and rhythmic audio in Rock mode, perfect for energizing high-paced activities like running, cycling, and HIIT with your favorite rock and DJ beats.

Rock Mode


Find your zen with Relax Mode's even sound distribution, perfect for peaceful yoga and meditation sessions, alongside the soft cadences of classical and ambient music.

Relax Mode